Boost your Google Adsense income 300% or more..

In the “make money online” world we will meet different kind of people running in the business. There are dishonest people selling their product like “boost your Google Adsense earning 400%,etc) and vice versa.

To use this trick to boost your Google Adsense income up to 300% or more and brag it to your friend with convincing screenshot, I suggest readers to use Internet Explorer for maximum compatibality though I’m not really a fan of it. This post is not intended to kick anyone’s ass as it’s just a humour for your leisure.

  1. Login to your Google Adsense account.
  2. Go to file -> save as -> and save the web page (Google Adsense Reports.htm) into any folder that you like (choose file type: save as complete).
  3. Right click Google Adsense Reports.htm and open it with notepad.
  4. Replace your current earning (e.g: $10.98) with another number, e.g. $999.99 using “find” and “replace” functions in notepad.
  5. Save the file and open it with your Internet Browser. Voila!

No Photoshop trace or anything and you will get your income boosted to 300% or more :mrgreen: . Click on the screenshot below for an example…

Updated: Big Daddy confirmed that we can’t display the full screenshot right now. So, you have to apply the steps above to see the result yourself. Adios..


Get cracking, fellas!


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